It’s been awhile…

This meme is an accurate depiction of my social life this month and the final week of May, tbh. Reached burnout again.

I have been having to adjust my pace, slow down, and allowing my body time to heal has been challenging. I like being a homebody, but after awhile? I wanna roaaaammmmmm.

However, I don’t pout. I have a LOT to be thankful for. The fact I can take time to heal and rest instead of grinding away without fear of abject poverty, having clean water, AC, technology, all the tools I need and then some to bounce back, great insurance, Hulu, Netflix, and Spotify, etc.

Adulting is doing what you know you must when you’d rather not. Putting off adulting left me frail, dejected, weak. I will save the story of how I caused/made worse a world of hurt. For now, I will just say it’s been a few weeks and I am starting to feel human again. #grateful 😌😌😌