Imperfectly perfectly #bodyacceptance

No matter how big or small I am, I will always have tits and hips + thunder thighs.

I wear flip flops in non-beach settings & love simple/boring cotton dresses, far removed from the fashionista.

I’m a minimalist whose brow game will always be hella weak, but I smell nice, can uncork a bottle of wine in seconds, cook and bake with ease, and likely drink you under the table. 😜

I smile on the inside, more than out. I’ll never take myself too seriously or tear another woman down to elevate myself. I am chatty when men prefer brevity and vice versa.

I’m awkward. I feel too much or nothing at all. I’m a lone wolf that occasionally gets lonely. I want to love and be loved, but am not desperate for it.

I like me well enough. I’m a myriad of contradictions, but my intent is always pure.

In a nutshell, I am a human that is slowly starting to accept that fact, inner perfectionist be damned and this gives me a wee bit of joy. #transformationtuesday *side note/aka- I am hella happy I can throw on my fav cotton dress (pictured) again and not look like a complete hot mess…only partial bc I half ass like that 😛*