Thinking aloud…

… random thoughts:

– Life experiences have a profound impact on how we are… the way we are.

– Perfection is an idealistic state that is wholly impossible for any human to obtain. Though, we can come close.

– There is no perfect method, belief, or way of being. It is easy to blame religions or political organizations for the ills of the civilization, but that would be akin to blaming books for bombs built and detonated, guns for violence… it is the individual that is to blame.

– By deviating from the center in favor of far-flung outer limits, lasting change and true progress are highly improbable because within those conditions, tolerance is impossible.

– The only way to end any vicious cycle is for one side to opt to transcend the other side’s pettiness. However, we are human and I am aware such a goal is lofty at best.

– Cognitive dissonance either makes one veer to a hard left or right…knee jerk reaction…people have a strong urge to protect perceived truths. Cognitive dissonance can make people embrace or flee from organized religion and other social organizations.