Happy Birthday, Maya Angelou…

When a now former romantic partner lost the majority of my life’s possessions (minus 2 suitcases and a garment bag of clothing), I was numb. Then, I was deeply saddened. Finally, I became hella angry.

At some point, I grew weary of feeling angry and did some soul searching while I meandered about the Monterey Bay area. I discovered the magic of the Tao Teh Ching, Peace Pilgrim, & Zen Buddhism. I also rediscovered the beauty and wisdom of #MayaAngelou… Her thoughts, words, art.

This quote became one I started to live by. It has impacted me and the way I choose to engage with this life experiment in major ways. It has impacted how I engage and connect with others. So much of life is unpredictable and knowing how to harness one’s mind is a powerful asset.

Today, on Maya Angelou’s birthday, I have been reflecting on how glad I am to have lived in the same period of time as her.