Sometimes neat whiskey is necessary…

I’m going to be watching a documentary tonight, Black Snake Killaz: A NODAPL Story & I know will be serving up bitter truths and harsh realities that will compel me from complacency into an active state.

I am mostly grateful for the chance meeting in the past couple of months have killed the apathy that was starting to consume me.

Engaging and being informed isn’t always a joy, even for this knowledge seeking nerd. There’s so much heartache and heartbreak…i hate seeing more divisions than unity. It brings tears to my eyes some days. Gah, I miss my inner ice queen and inner Vulcan.

Anyway, tonight’s film makes whiskey(neat) a must for my glass aka a slow sipping, contemplative pour. Side note: glad my housemate is gone for a bit so I can rage and sip in peace. #currentsituation